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access to impact finance

ESG Skala helps companies link risk analysis with impact metrics for companies to access sustainable and impact financing.

Impact assessment and reporting

We use economic, financial and impact analysis techniques that provide estimates of the social, environmental and economic performance required by investors.

Sustainability risk assessment

We identify risks that can affect the value of investments, and help companies better understand and manage these risks.

Our Approach

We help companies develop an impact structure linked to their economic performance.


  1. Impact strategy
  2. Theory of change
  3. Impact indicators
  4. Company Classification
  5. Impact dimensions
  6. Maturity level of the impact measurement system
  7. Sustainable development goals

Risks analysis 

  1. Identification of strategic, operational, accountability and compliance risks.
  2. Development of an exit strategy (post-investment impact conservation).
  3. Risk mitigation

Value proposition 

  • Creation of a structure to access impact investing
  • Identification of the social return on investment.
  • Monetization of the social and environmental impact of the company 
  • Integrating sustainability risks and impacts into business decisions
  • Obtain funding for new, innovative and competitive projects.
  • Identifying impact investors