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Impact Sourcing

ESG Skala helps Latin American companies develop social and environmental projects aligned with their strategy.

Economic growth

Develop projects that improve the company's competitiveness.

Cost reduction

Efficient use of all company resources. 

Risk management

Improve regulatory conditions for business and public oversight. 

Our Approach

Implementamos programas y proyectos de Responsabilidad Social Empresarial en América Latina. Nuestro enfoque es mejorar el crecimiento económico, mitigar y eliminar riesgos, y reducir costos dentro de las empresas. Por lo cual, nuestros programas y proyectos se alinean con las estrategias de las empresas para garantizar un impacto organizacional, social y ambiental.

Value proposition

  • Savings in labour, operational and contracting costs. 
  • High quality social programmes that go beyond philanthropy. 
  • Increase the quality and depth of the company's social programmes. 
  • Fulfil the social responsibility objectives of the company and suppliers. 
  • Development of new, innovative and competitive projects. 
  • Improve employee and customer engagement, loyalty, and retention.